Versioned Data Models
Master Project

Project Description

As programmer’s we are used to maintaining a version history of our code, so that we can go back to previous versions, and work on code concurrently.

Software projects have a fairly simple structure: a tree of text files.

Information systems maintain objects with a fine grained structure and linked through various (possibly cyclic) relations. Versioning the data in such systems is often desirable if not required. However, versioning objects is not supported by the databases used to store data objects. Developing a version model requires custom, application-specific development.

The goal of this project is to explore strategies for automatically deriving a versioned data model from a data model description.

  • Time travel
  • Concurrent versions
  • WebDSL

Versioned Data Models

Supervisor(s): Eelco Visser, Christoph Lofi, Asterios Katsifodimos
Posted: March 17, 2019