Lambdas Query with Reason

Ralf Lämmel

Date: Tue, June 18, 2019
Time: 16:15
Room: Snijderszaal LB.01.010 (building 36)

Much of the Big Data hype focuses on the size of data and on the use of ML/AI to get something out of the data and on the programming technologies and infrastructure to deal with size, ML, and AI. Our research focuses on a complementary problem: the ontological semantics of data and how to use it for querying data programmatically and to help programmers in the tradition of static typing. In this talk, I present two strongly connected pieces of work: i) $\lambda_{\mathit{DL}}$ – a lambda calculus with description logic-aware type system and means of querying semantic data (‘triples’); ii) a completed language integration such that description logic and a subset of the standardized Sparql language are embedded into Scala. The integration reuses existing components – triple store, ontological reasoner, and Sparql query engine – and it extends the Scala type system appropriately.

Joint Work with: Martin Leinberger, Philipp Seifer, Steffen Staab

Disclaimer: The research discussed here is carried out outside my mandate at Facebook, as part of my continued research affiliation with the SoftLang Team and collaboration with the WeST Institute at University of Koblenz-Landau.


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