Implementing the Decomposition of Soundness Proofs of Abstract Interpreters in Coq

Jens de Waard

Date: Wed, February 03, 2021
Time: 12:00
Room: Eelco's Zoom Room
Note: This is a MSc thesis defense

Abstract interpretation is a way of approximating the semantics of a computer program, in which we derive properties of those programs without actually performing the necessary computations for running the program, though the use of an abstract interpreter. To be able to trust the result of the abstract interpretation, we would to able to prove the soundness of the approximations of the interpreter. Previous work by Keidel et al. has shown that the soundness proofs of an entire abstract interpreter can be simplified by decomposing the interpreter by implementing concrete and abstract interpreters as instantiations of a generic interpreter. The goal of this thesis is to explore and implement mechanical proofs of soundness of such interpreters. To this end, we have used the interactive proof assistant Coq to implement a generic interpeter for a simple imperative language and instantiate it both concrete and abstract versions. The abstract interpreter is automatically proven sound via the use of Coq’s automatic proof capabilities and typeclass system. Both the interpreted language and the used abstractions can be expanded to allow for more features. Soundness proofs can then be written for just the new components, those proofs will then be automatically resolved by Coq.

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