The Constraint Programming Language MiniZinc

Neil Yorke-Smith

Date: Wed, March 06, 2019
Time: 12:00
Room: 0.E420 COLLOQUIUMZAAL (Turing)

Constraint Programming (CP) is a capable and flexible approach to combinatorial optimisation. This talk will outline the open source CP modelling language MiniZinc ( MiniZinc is a high-level, declarative, solver-agnostic language that supports the CP paradigm of separating model specification from model solving. MiniZinc compiles to a lower-level language called FlatZinc, through which it interfaces to several commercial and open-source backend solvers

Neil Yorke-Smith is an Associate Professor of Socio-Technical Algorithmics in EEMCS. His research focuses on intelligent decision making in complex socio-technical situations, with a particular current interest in agent-based methodologies and behavioural factors in automated planning and scheduling. Website:

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