Compositional Non-Interference for Fine-Grained Concurrent Programs

Dan Frumin

Date: Wed, November 20, 2019
Time: 12:00

We present SeLoC: a relational separation logic for verifying non-interference of fine-grained concurrent programs in a compositional way. SeLoC is more expressive than previous approaches, both in terms of the features of the target programming language, and in terms of the logic. The target programming language supports dynamically allocated references (pointers), higher-order functions, and fine-grained fork-based concurrency with low-level atomic operators like compare-and-set. The logic provides an invariant mechanism to establish protocols on data that is not protected by locks. This allows us to verify programs that were beyond the reach of previous approaches. A key technical innovation in SeLoC is a relational version of weakest preconditions to track information flow using separation logic resources. On top of these weakest preconditions we build a type system-like abstraction, using invariants and logical relations. SeLoC has been mechanized on top of the Iris framework in the Coq proof assistant.

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