Delft Programming Languages

In the Programming Languages research program, we aim at improving the effectiveness and reliability of programming languages and systems. Effectiveness such that programmers can express intent at the right level of abstraction and get actionable feedback that is relevant and timely. Reliability such that programmers can trust the execution and analysis of programs.


Our teaching activities include:

  • Undergraduate courses in the TU Delft bachelor in computer science, covering such topics as model checking, concepts of programming languages, and various projects.

  • Advanced programming languages courses in the TU Delft master programs in computer science and embedded systems, covering such topics as compiler construction, program analysis, type systems, and software verification.

  • Nine-month projects with our MSc students who advance our knowledge in programming languages by participating in our research projects – sometimes in collaboration with our industrial partners.


PL group at seminar December 13, 2017 [older pictures]

PL is one of six sections of the Department of Software Technology (ST). Together with the Intelligent Systems department INSY, ST is responsible for research and education in computer science and engineering at Delft University of Technology. PL and the Department of Software Technology are part of the TU Delft Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science.