Programming Languages Education

The PL group is involved in the following education:

  • Undergraduate courses in the TU Delft bachelor in computer science, covering such topics as model checking, concepts of programming languages, and various projects.

  • Advanced programming languages courses in the TU Delft master programs in computer science and embedded systems, covering such topics as compiler construction, program analysis, type systems, and software verification.

  • Nine-month projects with our MSc students who advance our knowledge in programming languages by participating in our research projects – sometimes in collaboration with our industrial partners.

The TU Delft Programming Languages group offers a variety of courses at the Bachelor and Master levels.

Bachelor Computer Science and Engineering

  • CSE1300: Reasoning and Logic. Model Checking Lab. Sebastian Erdweg.
  • CSE1305: Algorithms and Data Structures. Joana De Pinho Goncalves and Robbert Krebbers.
  • TI2606: Concept of Programming Languages. Casper Bach Poulsen and Eelco Visser.
  • CS4002DC: Algorithms & Data Structures. Robbert Krebbers.
  • TI1316TH: Algorithms & Data Structures. Robbert Krebbers. Krebbers.

Masters Computer Science and Embedded Systems

  • CS4130: Seminar Programming Languages. Sebastian Erdweg, Robbert Krebbers, Eelco Visser.
  • CS4200-A and CS4200-B: Compiler Construction and Compiler Construction Project. Eelco Visser.
  • IN4333: Language Engineering Project. Eelco Visser.
  • IN4387: System Validation. Casper Bach Poulsen
  • CS4106: Dynamic and Static Program Analysis for Software Security Sebastian Erdweg and Eelco Visser.
  • CS4135: Software Verification. Robbert Krebbers and Eelco Visser.
  • UT-201500039: Security Verification. Robbert Krebbers.
  • IN4306: Literature Survey. All PL faculty.
  • IN5000: MSc Thesis Final Project. All PL faculty.