Software developed by the TU Delft Programming Languages group.

Language Engineering

  • Spoofax: a language workbench providing an IDE for the development of language definitions and the automatic generation of IDEs for defined languages
  • SDF3: a modular formalism for syntax definition that integrates lexical and context-free syntax.
  • Stratego: a language for the specification of program transformation systems based on the paradigm of rewriting strategies.
  • NaBL2: a constraint-based language for definition of type systems
  • Statix: a newer constraint-based language for definition of type systems
  • FlowSpec: a language for specification of data-flow analysis

Build Systems

  • PIE: Pipelines for Interactive Environments

Software Verification

  • Std++: an extended “standard library” for the Coq proof assistant
  • Iris: a Higher-Order Concurrent Separation Logic Framework implemented and verified in the Coq proof assistant

Web Programming

  • WebDSL: a web programming language
  • IceDust: A language for data modeling and incremental computing of derived values

Applications built with WebDSL

Software Deployment

  • Nix: a package management system
  • NixOS: Linux distribution based on Nix
  • Hydra: buildfarm based on Nix