Student Programmer | Practical Verification of Haskell code with agda2hs

The TU Delft Department of Software Technology has an open position for a student programmer in the Programming Languages group in the area of Tools for Program Verification.

Job Description

You contribute to the development of the agda2hs tool for developing formally verified Haskell code. You work on adding new features and/or improving the developer experience of agda2hs users in one or more of the following ways:

  • By developing documentation and examples, and adding them to the current barebones version.
  • By extending the agda2hs library with additional data types, functions, and proofs.
  • By improving the agda2hs error messages, replacing generic GHC errors with ones that are specific for agda2hs.
  • By integrating agda2hs with a Haskell build tool such as Cabal or Stack
  • By extending agda2hs itself with new features or fixing bugs in existing features (see the issue tracker).


You are enrolled in the Master’s of Computer Science Program at TU Delft and you have successfully concluded the Functional Programming (CSE3100) course. Preferably you are (planning to) conducting a master’s thesis project in the Programming Languages group.

You are available 4 - 8 hours per week.

Conditions of Employment

You will be employed as a Teaching Assistant with TU Delft for 4 to 8 hours per week for at least three months.

Additional Information

To apply for the position or to get more information, please contact Jesper Cockx. In the email describe your motivation for the position and indicate your availability.