Efficiently Executing User-Provided Graph Algorithms in a Graph Database

Daan de Graaf

Date: Wed, April 19, 2023
Time: 12:00
Room: Turing 0.E420

As Graph Databases grow in popularity, they are used to answer increasingly diverse and complex queries. However, such databases typically have a very limited query language that cannot express arbitrary algorithms. As a result, many users treat the database as a storage layer to export data from and develop algorithms in external tools, wasting computation power and storage space.

We present a high-level, domain-specific language for writing graph algorithms embedded into traditional graph queries. We show how user-provided algorithms written in this language can be compiled into relational algebra, optimized holistically, and efficiently executed. Our language is based on linear algebra, with a syntax resembling GraphBLAS, and implemented in the AvantGraph database.

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